Monday, January 18, 2010

.:another awesome year it will be:.

Oh time does fly so quickly. It's already another new year (it also means another year added to my age..sigh..). It's still not to late to wish everyone a happy new year. May this year bring happiness, wealth and success...(aminn..^-^). are some of nikoniko cakes

.:for my cousin:.

Last week I was so busy playing around with fondant. My cousin at Sg. Besar got engaged last weekend, I made a box of cupcake for hantaran, plus a strawberry topping chocolate cake and a box of supermini choc buttercream for makan-makan

This is a vanilla cupcake topped with buttercream and decorated with fondant. Wanted to try a domed-shaped cupcake.

While this one is a 9' classic chocolate cake frosted with chocolate cream topped with strawberry and decorated with buttercream. Yummy if I say so myself.

.:football theme:.

My collegue, Aziah asked me if I could do a football shaped cake. How could I refuse to a new challenge even if I have no idea how to do it. I accepted the challenge. Of course internet was my source of idea (and importantly my "teacher"...hehhe). In the end, this is how my football theme cake looks like.
Dang....this is the only nice pix I got before the battery was out...dang..dang.

The bottom layer is a chocolate cake layered in between with strawberry filling..frosted with chocolate ganache and covered with chocolate fondant (the choc fon. taste really chocolaty..not too sweet at all..nice). The half ball is a choc cake frosted with choc ganache and covered with fondant. The idea for the muffler, jersey and boot was inspired by Fera from Bandung. I just loooovvee looking at her work. Alhamdullilah the customer that ordered this cake through Aziah like's it.

.:something cute:.

Aziah requested a set of cuuuteee cupcake.


  1. Very nice..deco..keep it up sis

  2. hey k eyna...thanks for the support! heheh
    baru perasan laaa k eyna comment..I think I have to pasang that comment thing.