Thursday, November 26, 2009

.:fondant and strawberry:.

it has been a few weeks since i last update nikoniko. I was in between cake orders, family matters and work.

so here are the past week's projects.

.:choc moist cupcake covered with choc ganache and top with strawberry:.
the size of the strawberry depends on whats available at the market...sometimes you get those cute size, just perfect for the cupcake...while sometimes you get those huge ones like the one in the pix....

this set was order by Amy from Cheras. Thanks Amy for the order! Hopefully, you will order from me again for your hantaran :)

.:choc moist cake layered with choc buttercream frosted with choc ganache and deco with fondant:.

this cake was ordered by Fizah, my office mate for her sis engagement. the cake os to be brought bake to JB. this is my first full fondant project. thanks a lot fizah for your trust...she said up to me what ever design as long as its pink. buttt...........i have to say "Fizah!....I'm really sorryyyyyy.............." What happen?...I made mistake with her sis name, it should be Izyan...NOT Iryan....waaarrrggghhhh.......really sorrryyyy..luckily Fizah is such a nice person..I'll make up to you okay..

.:sweet pink & purple for a 5 year old girl:.

this set is choc moist cc with buttercream and decorated with fondant butterfly. this was ordered by by bf, Azah for her daughter's school party. the little girl requested for a purple and pink colour cake. when the little girl came to pick up the cake and saw it, she was speechless...either she was soo excited with the cake or she wasn't sure..heheh...anyway thanks azah

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